Salvador Gomez

“Great program. Well informed.  Job was done quick with no hiccups.”

Reyna Ramirez

“Thank you John for helping me with my project. Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you SaveCal.”

Bernadette Sarmiento

“Thank you for a job well done. Helpful and professional.”

Donnie Salcedo

“Louie and JR were very professional and informative about the solar program. The installers were fast and they took care of everything and were very careful when installing the panels.”

Mario Garcia

“Thank you J.R.! I had a shingle roof and my dream for my house was to eventually have a tile roof. Thank you SaveCal & J.R. for making it possible and affordable!”

Olga Ordonez

“Thank you SaveCal and John for my new roof. I have been looking into a roof for 5 years but due to money issues, it wasn’t in my reach. SaveCal made it affordable and now I have a beautiful roof.”

Maria Jarquin

“Very happy with J.R. and also grateful to SaveCal. We now have a cool home, thank you SaveCal for making it affordable for us!”

Monica Figueroa

“JR Was very thorough on explaining the work to be done + has excellent follow up. Thank you JR for coming to our home and giving us the education on our new roof. Love it! Thank you!!”

Nadine Hernandez

“Very happy with SaveCal and JR for helping us get your roof/paint/windows with no money down. Kind and professional work with work no stress.”

Eric Medrano

“Thank you JR & SaveCal for all your help. Very professional company. We are very grateful for all the help with our home. We are amazed and loved the transformation of our house. SaveCal made it possible for us to paint our home, get solar, and a new vac system. Thank you SaveCal for helping us GET COOL!”