SaveCal Complaints Policy

At SaveCal we encourage our customers to share their experiences with others both in person and online.

All SaveCal complaints we receive are reviewed by our customer service department with an eye toward continuous improvement. Your complaints help our managers identify new training opportunities, continuous process and communications improvements, and other areas where we can do a better job.

If you would like to register a complaint about a product or service, it is important that your complaint contains as much detail as possible and references specific employees, products, and events that fell short of your expectations. These details are what allow us to be most effective during our complaints review process and the ultimate solution our customers receive.

Every time we get SaveCal complaints, we learn a little more. While each individual improvement we make due to customer feedback may be small, over time, these add up to huge process improvements that allow us to better serve our current and future customers, make SaveCal a better place to work, and ensure that we will be around for years to come in the event you have a service or warranty issue.

It is very important to us, our employees, and our other customers that SaveCal complaints are a true reflection of your experience with our company. We ask that when you register a complaint online that you refrain from using hate content that references ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, gender, political issue, sexual preference, or any content that may incite hate or have serious contempt for any group. We also ask that you refrain from using profanity and defamatory, obscene, or threatening language. These types of language detract from our overall mission and have the propensity to offend those reading your complaints or helping you to resolve them.

We ask that before you leave any SaveCal complaints online, you kindly contact our customer service team at 818.600.0008 so that we may work with you to resolve these and provide you with a world class customer experience. As we are a fast-growing business, it’s possible the issue you are experiencing is also being experienced by others. When you bring such issues to our attention, we not only help you, but we are given the opportunity to help others, as well.

We always look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions we can answer, issues we can solve, or ideas about how we can improve.

Thank you for being a valued SaveCal customer!