Reduce Surface Temperature 40 Degrees

Benefits of Cool Paint

  • Cooler surface temperatures provide a lower interior temperature.
  • Choose between a wide variety of colors.
  • 10 times thicker, on average, than ordinary paint
  • replaces the need for constant repainting.
  • Fade Block Protection – Accelerated weathering tests comparable to those used on today’s advanced automotive paints have shown Cool Paint to be highly resistant to fading.
  • Ultraviolet Solar Reflectivity
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Never Chip, Flake or Peel
  • Stops exterior water infiltration
  • High Breath-ability (No sick house syndrome)

Energy Savings

  • Reflect infrared radiation (heat) back into the atmosphere!
  • Surface temperature of your home can be reduced by as much as 40%.
  • Reduce your home cooling cost by as much as 21.9%

Energy Facts To Consider

  • Your home may absorb as much as 90% of the sun’s radiation that strikes it.
  • All colors absorb solar radiation, even white.
  • Cooling a moderate size home can take over 1500 hours of air-conditioning every year.
  • A typical AC unit uses as much energy as 35, 100-watt light bulbs every hour!
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Variety of Easy Affordable Financing Programs
  • All Credit Scores are Welcome!
  • No Payments Until December 2019 for Qualified Applicants*
  • Low Monthly Fees
  • Go Green and Save Green!
  • Zero Down Financing Available!


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DISCLAIMER: Program is available to qualified homeowners in qualified areas. Not all residents will qualify for this program, and offer depends on which program the homeowner qualifies for. Potential energy savings may vary. SaveCal is a licensed contractor that has met the required credentials necessary to provide this program for local communities. SaveCal is not a government agency. Pre-approval does not guarantee an approval. SaveCal is not a lending institution and utilizes 3rd party financing. SaveCal and its associates are not tax professionals; please consult with your CPA regarding tax incentives.